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Review by Andy Martin for Dante’s Magic Clock – Limited Edition (2015)

Review by Andy Martin for Dante's Magic Clock - Limited Edition (2015)

Review by Andy Martin for Dante’s Magic Clock – Limited Edition (2015)

5 out of 5

So Thomas has been so busy fulfilling orders he has not had too much time to work on new magic, but after a long wait I have received potentially the pinnacle of Thomas’ career so far – the absolutely stunning and beautiful: Dante’s Magic Clock. This item is going to be very rare due to the amount of work required to build it, but if you can get one pay whatever it costs!

Here is my routine:

You begin by showing the amazing Dante’s Clock – it has two dials that slowly click by with suits and numbers on. They just keep clicking around. At this point no one knows why but the routine is counterpointed by the subtle clicking of the clock as the dials move around. At the base of the clock is a drawer, which you open to display a deck of Steampunk Pirates which look perfect next to the clock. You take the cards out and have them shuffled – they are clearly all different.

You have two cards selected – the first one is not looked at but is instead placed directly into the matching card box face down. The second card is selected and this one is seen by the spectator and then placed clearly into the middle of the deck: let’s say it is the Ten of Clubs.

After these choices have been made, the audience is made aware that the clock has stopped ticking. It was ticking away and then silence. Now the magic really begins:

Firstly the two dials are looked at and they show the Ten of Clubs!
Then the secret card that was chosen first is tipped out of the card box, and it is the perfect mate to the Ten of Clubs, the Ten of Spades
Then the deck is counted and only 51 cards are found – the Ten of Clubs is missing!
Finally the drawer at the base of the clock which was clearly shown empty just seconds earlier is opened and one card is face down there. The whole drawer is pulled out and the card turned over Рit is the missing Ten of Clubs!
The effect ends with the eerie Dante’s clock mysteriously ticking again.
Thomas pulled out all the stops for this beauty. My photos only begin to show how beautiful it is.

Amazing Thomas. Simply Amazing!

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