Norman Die & Silk Transpo


An extremely rare piece of magic sold in Germany and long unavailable. Beautifully crafted by Thomas Pohle, whose work is now highly sought after by collectors.

This is a wonderful transposition of a silk and large yellow 3″ die which utilizes one of the most ingenious effects in magic…The Norman Block Vanish.  The performer displays two attractive wood cabinets decorated in contrasting color designs. He also displays a large yellow die with black spots and a thin framework with large openings.  The lid of the first chest is removed and that cabinet is shown to be completely empty. A yellow silk is placed inside.  The second cabinet is shown empty and the die is placed on a thin platform. The open framework is placed over the die, which is clearly visible through the windows on the sides and top.  The audience is allowed one last look at the yellow silk in the first chest before the lid is placed on. They clearly see the yellow die trapped in the open framework before the second chest is placed over it.

Now the magic …

When the second chest is lifted again, the thin open framework is still resting on the platform, but the die is gone!! This looks great, and the Norman Block principle is extremely deceptive due to the precision craftsmanship. When the lid of the first chest is removed, filling the cabinet is the large yellow die which is tipped out and shown all around! A really pretty routine.

I’m told this was custom made by Thomas Pohle and might be the only one in existence. It’s the first I’ve ever seen.


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