The Key of The Aztecs (2015)


My good friend Joe Long, of Quality Magic East, said a few months ago how he preferred the brighter colors of Thomas’ earlier work.  Well hopefully this beauty has enough color for you Joe!

This is another intricate and beautiful item from Thomas’ new Aztec Series – it has it all.  You start by showing the attractively colored shallow base ornately decorated with some neat turtles and deep reds and greens.  Their is a drawer attached to the base which is firmly locked tight.  You then introduce another smaller box ornately decorated with various Aztec symbols and inside there are five colored keys one of which the spectator freely chooses.

The top of this is lifted to reveal a slot just designed to hold the keys.  The four remaining keys do not work and the drawer cannot be opened.  Then the magician puts in the chosen key and it works fine and the drawer is unlocked.  Now when the drawer is opened there are five slots revealed – every one has a key in the slot except for one.  And it is the same color as the chosen key.

Not only is their key the only one that unlocks the drawer, but it is also the one that is missing too!

What is also neat is that a different key can be chosen every time.


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