Bling Series 01 – Oxana The Card Spider by Thomas Pohle

In 1982 the amazing German Craftsman and Inventor, Thomas Pohle, began creating small batches of magic for the historic magic shop in Berlin: Conradi Horster. The owner at the time, Peter Uelsmann, sold small quantities of Thomas' tricks and was keen to purchase more. So in 1984 Thomas started his own business. Eckhard Bttcher also started at the same time and so for many years Thomas built for Bttcher. In addition, he built for other retailers including: Kellerhof, Stolina, Bartl and a dealer in Austria Tony Reisner.

Well that was forty years ago and to celebrate creating and inventing beautiful magic for all these years Thomas has released a very special Box Set of which there will only ever be eight in the whole wide world :-)

Thomas calls this very special box his Bling Bling Box and it is contains four unique items and this item is the first one to be released.

This is Thomas' version of the Mini Card Spider effect, made famous by another amazing German craftsman - Tony Lackner and his Crescensia The Card Spider.  But, as is often the case, Thomas has broken new ground and taken the effect to a whole new level.  Instead of having the chosen card appearing inside the Spider's web, he first causes the card to appear face down and after making a suitable comment the card eventually turns face up and of course it is the spectator's selected card.

A lot more work has gone into Oxana than previous mini versions and you will find this a joy to use - it is easy to do and although the props cannot be given out for examination there is nothing obvious to see even close-up.

This is the perfect way to launch the Bling Series - great job Thomas :-)

Effect: A beautiful and ornate box is shown and inside a heavily jeweled spider named Oxana is shown.  Oxana is sitting on her web and ready for action.  From a small deck of cards a card is chosen (yes it is forced) and shuffled back into the deck. The performer then asks Oxana to reveal the card and in her excitement the card appears inside her web but face down.  The performer is disappointed with Oxana, but explains this is her first time and she will do better (he hopes!)  The box is closed again and a magical pass is made and this time the card appears face up and it is indeed the chosen card.  

Good Job Oxana.

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