China Block Surprise II by Thomas Pohle

When you've see a bunch of similar penetration effects, no matter how well made or how cool they are it is easy to get kind of jaded with them.  That is until you see a great and entertaining video from Madison Hagler which wakes you up, and you say: "What? How did that happen?"  Even though this had been out for a couple of years I just missed it or ignored it the first time around.  It works differently from any other similar penetration and really is quite amazing.

Just watch any of the videos very closely and you'll swear that the block actually penetrates the solid plate.  Nothing is added or taken away.  The tower and plate are ungimmicked and  although the block is gimmicked (sorry it is not real magic!) the freedom with which you can handle it and spin it around is amazing.  A really excellent job Thomas Pohle, the talented German craftsman who even after seeing all of these effects continues to surprise and amaze me :-)

Effect: The block, tower, and plate are introduced.  You start by sliding the plate into the tower, with the magic words face down, and dropping the block into the tower.  Not surprisingly the block is halted by the plate.  Remove the plate and the block falls to the bottom of the tower.

Now you turn the plate around with the magic words face up and drop the block again. This time it cleanly and visibly, without any covers or moves passes right through the plate.  You can see the cube at the bottom. Even close-up it looks perfect.

Now you remove the plate and you can show the props again and are immediately ready to go again.  

A fooler for magicians who know the standard method. Beautifully finished in Thomas' deluxe laminate style.

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