China Tower Mystery

In 1989 this amazing beauty was created by the talented German craftsman Thomas Pohle and sold by Eckhard Boettcher as a limited edition. I have only ever seen one of these before and when you see it in person you can see how much extra effort Thomas put into this bad boy.  The pieces are solid and perfectly made.

Not only are the props exquisite there is a lot of magic packed into the routine which is also simple to do.

  • A tall wooden tower is displayed with three removable doors. The drawer of a small cabinet is opened and a large yellow Chinese "coin" is removed. The cabinet is clearly empty and the drawer is slid shut.
  • The coin is dropped into the top of the tower where it is seen to fall freely to the bottom. It's removed. Two solid wooden blades are now inserted into the tower dividing it into three separate sections. The doors of the tower are slid shut.
  • The coin is dropped into the top section, stopping on the solid blade which prevents it from falling. At the performer's command, the coin penetrates through the first blade ... and then the second blade!
  • All is clearly displayed. For the kicker ending, the coin is dropped again into the top of the tower, but this time when the doors are removed, it's seen to have vanished completely!
  • The small drawer box is once again opened and the coin is seen to have returned.

The magic is achieved with three different mechanical features secretly and seamlessly built into the apparatus with nothing added or taken away and reset is a snap.

Highly Recommended for collectors and performers of clever close-up magic.

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