Excalibur (Limited Edition) by Thomas Pohle

One of the latest from Germany's master craftsman in  a limited edition of just twenty pieces. A fun routine based on the legend of King Arthur and The Sword In the Stone.

Effect: Briefly, a beautifully engraved wooden sword is seen to be sticking out of a decorative platform used to represent the stone. The spectator may pull on the sword, but they will find it impossible to remove. You may lift up the entire platform by holding the handle of the sword.

The performer then displays a tray holding a number of shields representing the knights who will attempt to remove the sword from the stone. A number of spectators are asked to freely choose a shield and to randomly choose one for the performer.

A thin drawer is slid out of the front of the platform and one at a time the shields are placed inside. The sword remains stuck in the stone.

Finally, the spectator places the shield designated for the performer into the platform - and amazingly they can now release the sword!

The method is very clever. There is a lot of work involved in the production of each piece, which is why the number produced will be so limited. The close tolerances and precision craftsmanship is amazing.

Thomas tells us he's been working on this effect for many many years. In his own words:

There are no magnets or any kind of electronics. It is a mechanics that is super refined. Only those who know the secret can solve the sword. I'm really proud of this idea.

The legend of the Sword In The Stone is a perfect story line for a magic routine. And the props are so unusual and decorative, that this is guaranteed to be a conversation piece which will lead to many performances.

In mint condition, complete with video instructions.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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