A Little Test (2016)

A Little Test is already getting great feedback from viewers at Thomas' youtube channel, this one fooled me. I wasn't sure of the exact working until he sent me a sample to look over last week ... and it's a very clever design. I'd suggest extending the routine a bit by testing the spectator's memory with the yellow die, covering it with the tube, turning it, and then asking if they know which number faces them when the tube is lifted. You could do this a few times and then end by asking them if they remember the color of the die! Very interesting design. There's more to the props than you might imagine. Both the tube and dice are precision made. What I like is that the yellow die may be handed out for examination at the start. Also the tube is handled very freely and shown empty throughout, yet the "work" is activated with a simple press.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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