The Magic Ankh

The magician sits at a table and with  ornate Egyptian artifacts in front of him. He reaches for a sarcophagus and upon opening it removes 3 golden ankh's. Next he lays each one next to the other on the table, and then closes the sarcophagus. Next he invites a spectator to select any one of the three Ankh's, asking them to try to select the one that contains the spirit of the Pharaoh. The magi then picks up a unique tool and another rectangular sarcophagus with open slits on each side. He then takes one of the Ankh's not chosen by the spectator and slides them inside the sarcophagus up to the point where he has to use the tool to push it completely through and out the other side of the sarcophagus. Next he takes the other Ankh that wasn't selected by the spectator and repeats this sliding it in and out. Now the only Ankh that remains on the table is the spectator's choice. The magi takes that freely chosen Ankh and positions it at the entry point of the rectangular sarcophagus, and makes a magical gesture. Then he starts to slide it though the sarcophagus with his fingers, until he then has to use the tool to push it deeper. However upon doing this, all that is seen coming out the other end, is not the Ankh, but the tool! The chosen Ankh has vanished back in time, to the days of the Pharaoh's.
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