Micro ABC Block Surprise (2016)

The ABC/Traveling Block is a classic of parlor magic. While there have been a few mini versions in the past, what sets this one apart is the clever surprise climax! Performer displays a small platform with rod, three A-B-C blocks, a cover, and a simple tri-fold screen. All of the pieces are freely displayed. The cover is shown completely empty. There is some comedy as the performer asks if the magic should happen visibly or invisibly. He demonstrates by removing the three blocks from the platform/rod and moving them visibly behind the tri-fold screen. Not much of a trick so far, so he decides to try it again. The three blocks are placed over the rod once again. The tube/cover is again shown completely empty and placed over the three blocks. This time when the cover is removed, one of the blocks has vanished! The performer tips over the screen and there is the missing block! That's where the standard Traveling Block usually ends. However, the performer now points again to the previously empty cover. When he lifts it from the table, inside is found a surprise ... another tri- colored block decorated with question marks! The ending should surprise magicians who know how the basic effect works. I suggest playing the ending as a "sucker effect" and lifting the tube from the stacked blocks in a suspicious manner, so it looks like you're hiding the vanished block inside the cover. In the end, you show there IS a block inside ... but not the one they thought! Thomas released this demo video, however please note that the "magic hat" is not included. It would have greatly increased the cost and in my opinion made the effect a bit confusing. We decided to go with the screen instead.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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