The Dragon Coins of Li Fi Fi (2015)

Another beauty from Thomas' 2015 line of magic the beautiful Dragon Coins of Li Fi Fi. The effect is simple: you show a small wooden box around and take the lid off to show three "dragon" coins. Whilst you turn your back the spectator is asked to remove one, two, or three coins from the box and place them in their closed hand. They then replace the lid. The lid is 100% opaque and there is no way you can see inside. You clearly show all sides of the box, and yet you are always able to tell what coins and how many they removed. The mechanism is 100% mechanical but invisible to the spectator and works very smoothly - nothing is added or taken away and there are no external magnets or hidden switches to mess with. This will fit in very nicely with your other color divination boxes and uses a very different method to them all.
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