The PerpleXing Pyramid by Thomas Pohle

This is one of the most interesting things that the talented German Craftsman, Thomas Pohle, has released this year.  Just watch the video that Madison has put together - it looks amazing!  It just looks magical and even when you know how it works, you aren't quite sure why it works :-)

Great Job Thomas!

Effect: The performer displays a beautifully decorated pyramid shaped cone along with a decorative platform. The platform is very thin and has a large opening in the center.

He asks a spectator to look over the pyramid and to try to balance it on the tip. They try over and over, but find it impossible to do so. The performer then explains that the platform has mystical properties which affect the pyramid as he attempts to demonstrate. The platform is placed flat on the performing surface and the pyramid-cone turned upside down inside the opening of the platform.

The performer holds the cone steady, balancing it on the tipand then amazingly he releases his grip. The cone remains balanced. The platform is then brought up and over the pyramid showing there are no connections. The platform is placed back on the table and the spell is broken. The pyramid is pushed over with a finger or simply blown over!

Immediately, it is handed to the spectator for examination. Talk about an offbeat routine. And I think it's a fooler. Best of all- no threads!

(Notice, this comes with two versions, the formal close-up mat - included - and the impromptu version which is shown, which allows you to use pretty much any surface such as the bag you use to carry the props, or a paper towel as I use in these photos.)

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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