Treasure Chamber of the High Priests

A very rare piece of micro magic sold only in Germany years ago by Boettcher and long unavailable. Performer displays a colorful and decorative chest with lid. The lid is removed to reveal a gold plate. This plate is slid out to reveal the inner chamber that contains two boxes mounted inside. One is red, the other green. A spectator places any small object (their ring, a signed coin, handwritten note, etc) into either the red or green box. It's a free choice which one they select. Once this is done, the gold plate is placed back on along with the lid. When the inner boxes are again uncovered, the box containing the borrowed object is found to be empty. The other box is opened, and the object is found to have mysteriously traveled from one box to the other! The spectator herself opens the boxes. A clever effect and a beautiful piece for display.
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