Ultimate Block Prediction by Thomas Pohle

One of my favorite Alan Warner effects is Mini Mental and I still think it is one of the cleanest and cleverest pieces of mentalism that Alan (or anyone else) has produced.  In 2016 Magic Wagon released their Elite Premonition which took Alan's idea and made it easier to perform. The great German craftsman Will Wessel also created his wonderful version called Colored Number Blocks.

Now Thomas Pohle has released what is probably the cleverest version of all. It is different from all of the above versions and is easily the cleanest and most perplexing I have seen.  No matter how closely you look everything looks 100% above board - you can look from all angles there is nothing to see and nothing to hide.   And yet no matter which order of blocks and numbers the spectator chooses the magicians prediction is always correct. 

Even if you are familiar with the other versions, you will likely still be fooled by this version. You will marvel at how smoothly this bad boy operates - it is amazing! 

Effect: Four cubes are shown each with four different digits from 0-9 on the sides.  A simple hollow stand is also shown to support the cubes and a prediction, that is yet to be revealed. The magician asks the spectator to hand any cube to him and choose where he would like it placed and what digit should be facing front.  This is done for each cube one by one.  When the spectator has finished choosing the final cube, the magician slowly reveals the prediction - every number is matches correctly.

Remember these points:

  • he number of free choices available to the spectator, as each block has four different numbers allowing for 256 possible combinations! You are no longer limited to an arrangement of only four choices!
  • how freely the blocks are displayed - Thomas says they could be handled by the spectator as the work is so well concealed. Something not possible with Warner's model or the variation by Magic Wagon.
  • no forces or equivoque - spectator has free selection of numbers and where the blocks should be placed
  • the work is silent, unlike similar effects
  • no magnets or magnetic shims

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