What The! (NA NU) by Thomas Pohle

This is a real winner from the always thinking German craftsman Thomas Pohle.   When I first saw Madison's video I was amazed because I called out the name of the trick without knowing it (WTF!).  I had no clue how it worked, until I received it then I could see again.  What a clever idea that will fool them.  Madison's video is perfect.

Great job Thomas - good to see you still can fool and amaze me :-)

Effect: This one had me puzzled. Especially when you considerthe following:

  • the wand is solid with no magnetic sections
  • the very open and clean way the decorative cage is handled
  • once the cage is shielded by your hand, the "work" happens in just a second or two. You can reveal the change quickly or slowly depending on your style of presentation
  • repeating the effect makes it even more baffling

A very clever and offbeat effect. And the props are beautiful. The delicate scroll work on the "cage" looks amazing.

Because of the work involved, not many will be made.

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