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Review by Joe Long for Deluxe (Norman) Die Transpo (2016)

Review by Joe Long for Deluxe (Norman) Die Transpo (2016)

Review by Joe Long for Deluxe (Norman) Die Transpo (2016)

5 out of 5

An extremely rare piece. I only ever had one. At the time I bought it, I was told it was possibly a one-off. Part one of the video can be seen, for part two of the video please go here.

I’ve always loved the Norman Block Vanish. It’s a true fooler. To make it really deceptive though, the “cages” used need to be very close in size. I’ve seen some less-than-deceptive models over the years. This is probably my favorite.

Another important factor is the contrast between the block that vanishes and the cage that surrounds it. Thomas made a small version a few years ago using a black die and black paper cage. Not only was it a fragile piece, but the contrast was completely lacking.

This version is perfect. It’s large enough for a small stage/parlor performance, but so precisely crafted that it could be performed up close.

The contrast of the bright yellow die with the black cage is incredible. The size of the cage is perfect. And the improved construction and materials makes it pretty much self-working! If you ever had trouble “fitting” the top of the appearing die in the smaller sets, you won’t with this version.

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