Here's Thomas making one of my favorite effects: the Cubes of Fung Chu!

Thomas Pohle at his workbench

Welcome to a site I have created to showcase the beautiful magic of Thomas Pohle.  I have admired products from the German dealer Eckhard Böttcher for many years, but it was only recently, thanks to the magic lists put out by Joe Long, that I found out the creator of many of the best items from the Böttcher line was Thomas Pohle.

Thomas Pohle is one of the great unsung German Craftsmen, most frequently associated with the dealer Eckhard Böttcher (of Zauber Butike fame).

Thomas began magic when he was a young boy of eleven years old. He didn’t have much money and so early on started building his own effects. Before starting his own business he made small batches of magic for the historic magic shop in Berlin: Conradi Horster. The owner at the time, Peter Uelsmann, sold small quantities of his tricks and was keen to purchase more from him. So in 1984 Thomas started his own business. It turned out that Eckhard Böttcher also started at the same time and so for many years Thomas built for Böttcher. In addition, he built for other retailers including: Kellerhof, Stolina, Bartl and a dealer in Austria Tony Reisner.

Thomas Pohle has invented dozens of effects over the last thirty years and still has lots of ideas that he is working on. Throughout his whole life he has had a very deep love of the art of magic.

I hope you enjoy the Magic of Thomas Pohle!

Andy Martin
Spicewood, TX
February 2015

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This site would not be possible without the help and knowledge of Joe Long who has assisted me with descriptions, photos and other information about Thomas Pohle.  If you want to get on the Joe’s email list please click here.

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