Chinese Fortune Gate

This is one of the rare pieces manufactured by Germany's Thomas Pohle. Thomas mainly manufactured his items for Eckhard Boettcher but this piece he actually sold directly as evidenced by his German instructions. I believe he later made a few for Eckhard as well. As you can see the props represent a drawer chest with three different colored coins "lucky tokens". The supplied patter describes how a rich Chinese farmer had trouble to decide which of his three sons should get his sizeable inheritance. He decided to test who was the most responsible amongst his sons and each of them choose a colored lucky token that they were asked to guard over night. two of them failed and the third has proven his worthiness......the third token reappears in the form of a gold coin resembling the fortune. To illustrate the story the three tokens are placed one by one into the box hanging from the lucky portal. The first two disappear and return to the drawer chest, only the third son is able to hold on to his treasure. You receive the original instructions in German from Zauberschmiede Thomas Pohle and for the use of the buyer I have made an English translation of those instructions. Those who buy German collectibles from me praise the translation service. Please allow a couple extra days for the translation to be finished. The handywork that went into making these is amazing, even the decals were 'aged" to give them the look of ancient Chinese! (Description used with permission from Wolfgang Wollet at
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