Number Miracle, The

If you enjoy number predictions like Jack Hughes' Figures of Foo, Number Logs, or Gerlitz' Modern Math, then you'll absolutely love this beautiful piece of imported micro magic. There's an added twist to the second phase of the routine which would fool those "in the know". You display a small stand with a solid cover that has the number 933120 affixed to the front. The cover is removed to reveal six blocks with various numbers printed on all four sides. The blocks may be removed, mixed about and placed back in any order/orientation. You explain that the number on the cover is the actual number of possible combinations in which the blocks may be positioned. A spectator is told to rearrange the blocks as they wish. This is done while your back is turned. You then instruct them to use a calculator to add the rows of numbers formed. As they begin, you turn around and instantly write down a 7 digit number on a piece of paper. When they finally have their total, you show that your lightning calculation total is correct! Impressive, but the second phase is even better. Show that the cover you removed earlier is solid and completely opaque. This time instruct the spectator to mix the blocks in any order while your back is turned, add the numbers formed to get a new total and then place the cover back over the blocks before you turn around. This is done. When you turn to face the spectator, you slowly call out a number one digit at a time (or all at once)...and once again you're correct! This time having mentally divined the total. The apparatus is beautifully made. The gaff for the second phase is very clever and well concealed. The effect is very easy to do, as no real mental gymnastics are required.
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