Magic of Tutanchamun (Tutanchamuns Rtsel) by Thomas Pohle, Eckhard Boettcher

Here is one of Thomas' best items from his days with Eckhard Boettcher c. 1996.  It was released in Germany and called Tutanchamuns Rtsel.  It has been known in English as The Magic of Tutanchamun, and it is a very clean and perplexing routine.  It was re-released in 2015 here, but I prefer the look and feel of this original version.

I can't recall seeing another one of these so I think distribution was limited pretty much to German collectors.  It is really easy to perform but a real fooler and you will love how you can show the lid of the Pyramid at the end - it all seems so clean.

Great job Thomas - good to see all these years later you are still creating amazing magic :-)

Effect: You start by showing the pyramid and a small box with a mini plaque of the famous Tut Anch Amun.  You place the plaque into the recess inside the pyramid and replace the lid and close the box.  Take a breath and a magical pass and the plaque returns to the box!

Now what is cool is that you can cleanly show the lid of the pyramid after the vanish - all the heat is on it and yes you can show it - there is nothing to see.  There really appears to be no way the plaque could have disappeared. But it does. Check out the video to see what I mean.

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